Wattson burst on to the scene through one of the most recent Apex Legends trailers and since then fans have been dying to get to try her out in The Ring. With the start of season two, the new defensive character is finally available for purchase with in-game credits. As with every character, there is a bit of a learning curve with just how to use her effectively on the battlefield. Don’t blow a fuse, we have some quick tips to get you up and running as Wattson.

Electrifying Abilities

Wattson can make electric fences that are pretty useful when enemies actually run through them. One of the benefits of these giant walls of electricity is that Wattson can arrange them in any way she pleases. She can set all four spikes as one long wall, or even angle it off to seal an area while players revive or heal. My personal favorite is to set them behind closed doors in the hopes that unknowing enemies will somehow enter the room, much like with Caustic traps. Unlike Caustic’s traps, which blind and slow teammates, Watton’s Barriers don’t affect your team at all.

The downside to these glowing rods of potential is that they can be seen from a million miles away depending on where they are placed. In order to make things fair in the grand scheme, Wattson’s electricity glows bright red to enemies. So if you do wall off an area so you can heal nearby teams have the chance to see it from pretty far off. The good news is that if they do manage to open a doorway and walk into it in the heat of battle they will be slowed and they’re easier to kill. In short, get creative with it and try to make the base of the electricity staffs harder to see. Again, much like Caustic’s traps, you can one tap the base and it disrupts the wall of electricity. Be aware of Mirage clones, if one of them hits Wattson’s traps it pings her location to the enemy.

Zap Away Those Ults

There is a lot to unpack with Wattson’s ultimate ability. When thrown out it repairs shields at a consistent rate, which makes healing up mid or post-fight way easier. Not only that but it stops ordinance. So Gibraltar and Bangalore’s devastating ultimate abilities can be almost voided out. Ordinance also includes all grenades, so be aware that it stops enemy grenades, but it also destroys friendly grenades as well.

Wattson has the passive ability to gain her Interception Pylon insanely fast. All she needs to do is pop an ultimate accelerant and she has it. She can only put three of them on the map, but watching an enemy team try to find you when they come across an Interception Pylon with no team near it is hilarious. Especially when the Kraber shot rings out and they all scatter.

Arm Yourself

With the recent buffs and nerfs across the board, it can be a little more challenging to get a loadout that works. As with every legend, it is encouraged to experiment with guns and find what works best with your play style. If you enjoy hunkering down in a room and letting the enemies come to you and your traps, I recommend getting an energy weapon. If you can’t find the new L-Star, which is pure devastation at close range, grab a Devotion or a Havoc with an extended mag and you can cause an absurd amount of damage to enemies.

The Alternator received a significant buff (then a small nerf later) so finding Disruptor rounds and slapping those on your gun can make all the difference. The same could be said for the p2020 which received the same buff. They both also spawn as gold weapons no, so if the odds are in your favor you could find one and level teams even easier.

At the end of the day though regardless of who I am playing, I still prefer to pick up a sniper rifle and assault rifle to cover the spectrum of long and short-range fights. The Kraber got a small buff in damage but needs a little finesse at long range. The Long Bow seems to hit a little harder than it used to, especially now that it only has gold skullpiercers as an option. The triple take has the buff of energy ammo clips so there isn’t as much worry about missing shots with it as before, still also doubles as a shotgun at close range.

High Voltage Defense Summed Up

Wattson’s a defense character with a sad background built on knowledge and learning her skills to get closer to her dad. She was actually commissioned to build the containment infrastructure around the Apex Legends playing field, sadly her dad died before the unveiling. The story goes, that she met some of the contestants we know and love and soon was on the battlefield herself. How you choose to use her abilities makes all the difference for your team. Placing her pylons and fences can make or break your team’s plan of attack, so choose wisely. If you have played Wattson and have your own tips or tricks let us know in the comments below!

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