Alan Wake is one of the biggest cult classics from last generation. The game launched to a lot of positive reception but did not reach high enough sales. This due to the game being released as an exclusive for the Xbox 360 and during the same month as Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2. A PC version would eventually launch and reach 2 million sales, with the franchise as a whole reaching 4.5 million in sales.

While Remedy Entertainment has stated they would love to revisit Alan Wake the series was owned by Microsoft, until now. With Remedy Entertainment confirming through Global News Wire they’ve purchased the publishing rights to Alan Wake.

Now, this could mean a new installment in the future but currently, Remedy is working on Control, which launches this August. In addition, it’s likely we’ll get a rerelease of the original game and the sequel Alan Wake: American Nightmare on modern platforms.

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