Ubisoft is providing a new specialization for The Division 2 community to use. Called the Gunner, this class comes with new weapons and abilities such as minigun and stunning pulse.

In the official trailer, seen above, you can see the Gunner class’ over abilities and weapons. Included is a minigun with a high rate of fire but low accuracy. To combat this the Gunner has access to a foam riot grenade to keep enemies stationary and a P320 compact sidearm. Lastly, Ubisoft showed off the Banshee pulse that disorients enemies with a powerful blast.

The Gunner is available right now for Year 1 pass owners.

Year 1 Pass holders will instantly unlock the Gunner Specialization. These players can still take on the Special Field Research and will be able to unlock additional exclusive cosmetic rewards, including Fisticuffs and Front Flex emotes, Charcoal and Detritus gear dyes, Rosethorn and Pineapple weapon skins, Gunner mask and the Gunner specialization uniform.

The Division 2 is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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