Tifa Lockhart was born to fight and now the powerful warrior is joining the ranks of the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT roster.

Tifa will join the Japan-exclusive arcade version this June 27th then the PS4 and PC versions on July 3rd. Tifa can wear her classic outfit, Kingdom Hearts clothes, or the threads in the Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

The gameplay footage shows Tifa fighting alongside Cloud against Sephiroth while using her iconic charging slot-based limit break. For those unaware, in Final Fantasy VII, Tifa’s limit breaks damage and hit were determined by a slot mini-game that decided whether each attack hit, made a critical hit, or missed. It also appears that Tifa will have access to both Fire and Ice materia.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is now available for PC and PS4 in both premium and free-to-play versions.

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