Death Stranding is set to launch this year but during its development, many wondered would be involved in the enigmatic project. One person that many asked was Stefanie Joosten, who played Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Today in a video by YongYea Joosten revealed she was approached by Hideo Kojima to play Fragile in Death Stranding but he never followed up.

According to Joosten, Kojima approached Joosten to play Fragile, to which Joosten revealed concept art for the character given to her by Kojima. Kojima went dark and not wanting to bother him knowing he was creating the new Kojima Productions waited the year before her management contacted Kojima Productions. To which they responded that the casting was settled on.

Joosten said she wasn’t annoyed by the choice but confused about how the situation turned out. Assuming that Kojima simply decided to head in a different direction.

Joosten also commented on was her visiting Guerrilla Games. Many saw the images of Joosten at the studio and assumed she was working on a new project with the studio but that isn’t true. With Joosten stating she was visiting.

Death Stranding will release this November 8th for PS4.

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