The Steam Summer Sale 2019 is now live after the dates were leaked again this year. The Steam Database Twitter account spotted the date on a Chinese Steam community page. The sale will last around two weeks, ending July 9. 

This year’s sale includes the Steam Grand Prix, a racing-themed event enabling players to join a team and contribute “distance points.” This is done by completing Grand Prix Quests in your Steam games.  At 10 am PT/1 pm ET each day of the sale, the team with the most points will claim three GP points, followed by two for second place and one for third. The top three teams will also receive random items from their Steam wishlists.

Steam has a lot of reasons to pull out all the stops for this year’s Summer Sale. The Epic Games Store recently held it’s first big storewide sale and offered some pretty serious discounts. The Epic Games Store continues to pick up exclusive PC versions of major titles, like The Division 2 and Borderlands 3. There is no question, however, that Steam has greater volume and diversity of games. That is what makes the Steam Summer Sale 2019 a huge event for PC gamers. 

Steam Summer Sale 2019 deals

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