Pokemon Sword and Shield will make it on the Nintendo Switch November 15. Nintendo revealed this Wednesday during a Nintendo Direct ahead of E3 2019.

Nintendo gave us a 15-minute dose of fresh details about a variety of upcoming Switch games. The video showed off the Pokemon-embiggening Dynamax phenomenon, Max Raids and super cool legendary wolves.

The mascot legendary wolves are Zacian, which carries a sword in its mouth and Zamenta, which has a shield beard. The pair face off in a forest but appear to team up after sensing something else, perhaps another unrevealed legendary character.

Wild Pokemon wander freely here like last years Pokemon: Let’s Go but players will be able to control to camera to see what is around. A tweet from the official Pokemon account hinted that encounters would work differently away from the wild, however.

“In tall grass or caves, battles with wild Pokemon will occur when you run into Pokemon that you can see wandering around,” the company wrote. “You can also trigger battles by running into the ! icon that will pop up in patches of tall grass.”

Nintendo will likely have a lot more information on Pokemon Sword and Shield during the E3 stream on June 11. We will have full coverage of all E3 live streams, so stay tuned!

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