Luigi’s Mansion 3, which was previously teased in a Nintendo Direct, made a major appearance in Nintendo’s E3 show.

The third entry of the series takes place in an enormous haunted hotel. Compared to the small, mini-sized mansions of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Mansion, the scale has certainly been upped.

Luigi has been armed with a brand new vacuum cleaner, G-00. Exploring the hotel and combatting ghosts will require you to make the most of the G-00’s tools to proceed. You can suck ghosts in, and smack them into the ground or against other enemies. With your suction shot, you can grapple items and doors.

You can also make use of Luigi’s Gooigi, a gooey plasma clone of Luigi, you can explore past dangerous and unmovable obstacles like spikes and gates. However, he seems to have some limitations compared to Luigi’s main body.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will have some multiplayer functions. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon‘s ScareScraper feature makes a return. This time, it’ll have online multiplayer! In addition, Gooigi can be controlled by a friend.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will launch for Nintendo Switch some time in 2019.

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