5 months ago, Reddit user CrayCray6891 posted that NBA 2K19 added in-game advertisements to their premium priced game. Now, the ads are back and they’re unskippable.

One Redditor in the thread, xPray4Deathx, posted a video of how long the game takes to load now, explaining,

Tested this out with a video, Sadly OP is right. Takes about 1:07 to load to tip off with ads. Takes 1:07 to load game (to tip off) with skipping when can. (Can’t skip ad, load is in bottom right, about 15 seconds of ad with game loaded.) Testing the advertisement during load of game. Once game load is complete, you HAVE TO WATCH the rest of the ad and can not skip. Pathetic, choice by 2K to include ads in a 60$ [sic] game.

A r/NBA2K moderator, yyy2k, suggested “turn[ing] 2KTV off in the main menu settings.” but users have indicated that the ads play no matter what. What’s strange is the bottom label says “Game Loaded” which means the player has to look at the ad despite able to play the game.

There are a lot of rumors surfacing to why this is happening. The most prudent rumor being that after the game has discounted this system was implemented to monetize their existing player base until the next game launches. It should also be noted that the video shows that the game is loaded, which means the player has to watch the entire ad even though the game is ready to start.

As of now, sport’s games are the most heavily monetized premium games available today. Oversaturated with microtransactions and forcing players to purchase yearly installments of the game by taking down online play for previous games. Considering the selection of sports titles are held by very specific publishers this will likely be another problem the player base will have to deal with.

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