E3 is just around the corner dear readers and we are full on board the Hype Train. Our bags are packed and we are ready to hit the dining car for Mimosas and Tequila Sunrises! Also, we will be bringing you all weekend long coverage (Make sure you come back for that)! Ao, maybe our writers shouldn’t get too smashed.

For those of you new to the industry, and that is entirely possible, E3 is a time for a bunch of our favorite gaming companies to pour announcements on our faces. They tell us about games that are coming out either this year or next (and sometimes a few years into the future for us to wait for).

Anyway, While we head to the glorious news dump that follows E3 we asked some of our writers what they are MOST excited about hearing from E3. We wanted to know if maybe they had any predictions too. Here is what they had to say.

Robin Ghosh 
Sr. Editorial Writer / Just wants Elder Scrolls 6 to come out already

To me, E3 is like the second Christmas of the year thanks to all the wild reveals that start popping out of the event. There are a bunch of games that were already revealed that I would love more information about. First, the sequel to my favorite zombie parkour experience Dying Light 2. Please for the love of god, we need a release date on that one. I’m predicting right now that the game will either launch this fall or before March 2020. I’m particularly excited for Dying Light 2 because of how fantastic the demo looking, and its new emphasis on decisions and consequences drastically impacting the game. Another game where I basically have the same hopes for is Halo Infinite. I want to know literally everything about the next installment in the Halo series: when it comes out, the PC specs since it will be on both Xbox and PC, and what kind of direction they will take to reinvigorate the series.

I’m also predicting that we finally get a release date for Cyberpunk 2077, the next game by the developers of the phenomenal Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. I feel like this is almost a given after the 40-minute walkthrough released online last year. But with the amount of time they’ve been working on it, you just never know. Another prediction, well, more of a “please god just give it to us already” is a new Splinter Cell. Sam Fisher in some way or the other has been teased in recent Ubisoft games. In Far Cry Primal, you do a mission to unlock his stealth suit. Ghost Recon: Wildlands we had an entire narrative mission with a cutscene involving Sam Fisher with the original voice actor, Michael Ironside.  Please, enough of the teases, just give us a new Splinter Cell, and a part of me feels Ubisoft recognizes that fans are getting antsy for a new entry in the series. Here’s hoping all this teasing is actually going somewhere and we finally get a return of Sam Fisher.

(Also I secretly hope Bethesda is lying and just drops a StarfieldElder Scrolls 6 sized nuke on us all and reveals more info, trailers and maybe even a release date for Starfield.)

Allen Saunders
Editorials/Reviews Manager/ Just Wants More Horror Games

I’m a simple man. I love horror video games and coffee. So naturally all I want is surprise new horror experiences, and for simple announcements like Microsoft fully committing to this whole backward compatible thing by announcing old horror games being added to their list. I missed Fatal Frame and the original four games in the Silent Hill series. Adding those to the catalog would be huge for the program and would give deprived fans such as myself something to look forward too.

Outside of that, I want to see Resident Evil 3 get that full treatment that Resident Evil 2 got because I missed that one growing up too. After playing Resident Evil 2 four times this year it became one of my favorite games. Gears 5 information would be great too. I am so hyped for that, Gears of War is my absolute favorite series and I can’t wait to play as Kait presumably this fall.

The new Modern Warfare revamp has my full attention. It looks like it will be visceral and have a well-constructed story, which has been absent in recent entries. Not to mention the fact that it will shelve the annoying Zombies mode. I was so annoyed when I skimmed the achievement list for Black Ops 4 and it was disgustingly heavy-handed in the Zombies mode. I know there are hopes for a battle royal mode similar to Blackout and I gotta say I am on the fence for that. I liked Blackout but that was something that felt right in the scope of Black Ops 4. It could take up the zombies slot in the new Infinity Ward title BUT I have trepidation that if they do add it into the game it feels like it would just be shoehorned in. Basically nothing more than a cut and past of Blackout with a coat of Modern Warfare paint. I’m just saying it would have to genuinely bring something notable to the table to be included.

John Donadio
Chief Operating Officer/Streamer/Aspiring Adventurer Set On a Ridiculous Quest

E3 is so much a spectacle. Everyone shows off their bright and shiny things to an audience of slack jaws and I am NO exception! I want to know who the next Smash Bros. Ultimate character is! My money is on Birdo.

All my attention will be given to Xbox and Bethesda this year though. Microsoft has some much-needed tech and they announced that there would be 14 new Xbox Exclusives being revealed. Part of me truly hopes for a new Fable game. Everything else from them will just be a pleasent surprise I’m sure. I’m a huge Halo/Gears fan from back in the day so I would love to know what Xbox has in store for those two huge titles! If they bring back some of the mechanics that made those games great we could have a huge roar of triumph in the audience.

As far as Bethesda goes, Doom Eternal will be brilliant I’m sure. I want to know what is up with their space game, Starfield and even more about Elder Scrolls VI! I just need more information! We all do! Todd! GIVE US WHAT WE DESIRE!

The only other two titles that I am desperately hoping good things for is Cyberpunk 2077 and a sweet Ubisoft Far Cry and/or Assassin’s Creed reveal. Those two titles have always held my attention and with Far Cry 5 and the last two Assassin Creed‘s killing it, I’m very excited to see if Ubisoft brings the fire this year!

Also, I suppose if a sweet new Dragon Ball game was to be announced or if Bandai had some cool DLC reveal for Dragon Ball FighterZ, I definitely wouldn’t be upset. I would love to see Master Roshi or Dabura.

Jordan “Se7en” Chambers
Editorial/Reviews/Podcast Host/ Pessimist Until Shown Otherwise

In keeping with the theory that video games are still created for our fun and enjoyment, Nintendo is definitely my saving grace for this years E3. We could potentially be shown the next Animal Crossing that was teased after Isabelle’s inclusion into Smash Bros. Ultimate. The next fighter in the aforementioned Smash Bros. Ultimate could also be upon us (Travis Touchdown or Bust, kids.) Also with the influx of Pokemon media that has been announced, I’d love to see what Pokemon sleep will exactly be all about. And hey, I’d even go as far as hoping Nintendo realizes their sins and takes back the whole “Mario Maker 2 will not have online play” thing. We’re all allowed to dream here.

If Square Enix and I were friends on Facebook, the past few years have led me to inexplicably change our friend status to “it’s complicated. With the highly-anticipated turned highly-disappointing Final Fantasy XV and its convoluted and messy plot and DLC, the Final Fantasy 7 remake not having any weight to it until recently, and the utter disappointment that was Kingdom Hearts 3 basically selling us another sequel, Square and I have strained. That being said, I admittedly will be looking out for their newest announced title Outriders, which did interest me enough to believe we could make this relationship work for the sake of the children. They’ve also FINALLY made good on their announcement on the fabled Avengers Project, which is just in time for the hero fans who have finally processed the scarring events of Avengers: Endgame. Now we know nothing of this yet, but if it is anything close to Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 that did well to impress us earlier in 2018, I’m in.

Death Stranding, two words, give me now. All-around senpai/madman Hideo Kojima has done it again and shown off the fact that video games CAN be more than just brown landscapes full of enemies to gun down and created his own genre. I’m not kidding with you, the man has legitimately made a new genre of game, and I am absolutely interested in getting in on the ground floor. Granted, I’m absolutely expecting a story that will match the convoluted political circus act that was Metal Gear Solid, but it wouldn’t be Kojima otherwise.



Those are GAW’s picks for the most exciting as well as some predictions. What are you most excited about at E3? Tell us in the comment section below! Stay Tuned to GAW for up to the minute news articles during E3!

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John D
Chief Operating Officer

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