There’s only one month until the launch of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. So, Nintendo decided to hype up the game’s story elements in its E3 trailer.

The story trailer hints at some late-game twists. The major characters return in this trailer with new aged-up appearances. Even the clean-looking Claude is sporting a rugged beard. With rather somber talk about a “five year reunion” and “sweet memories, twisted by time’s hand,” you can expect that the happy school life setting will not last for long. A time skip, much like in Genealogy of the Holy War or Awakening, may be happen during the story.

Death and war are very noticeable themes of the trailer. Most of the characters show up traumatized and scarred. Dimitri appears to have a thousand-mile stare. We also see the game’s villains in action, including the Knight of Death previously teased on Twitter.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will launch on July 26 for Nintendo Switch.

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