Guardians! Get ready, Lord Saladin is back with the first Iron Banner for the Season of Opulence and he is bringing some changes.

Like in past seasons, Iron Banner brings a new set of armor and weapons, but there is a catch this time around. Instead of acquiring the new armor set as bounty rewards, you will have to set out in a specific quest for each armor piece. Their armor pieces one earned will drop as power rewards and will be available with random rolls through Iron Banner Reputation Packages and match rewards. This season’s armor will be compatible with all Year 1 Iron Banner ornaments and may now roll with enhanced perks.  


This Iron Banner will feature a rocket launcher and a Suros shotgun that will make your enemy think twice before facing an Iron Lord.


With the update of Iron Banner packages, new weapons have also been added to the packages with a higher chance to drop on the first package you redeem. In addition, new Iron Banner shaders, an emblem, and a Sparrow may be earned through objectives that must be completed during Season of Opulence.


Iron Banner bounties will continue to grant rewards and Iron Banner Tokens and no longer unlock direct purchase for Iron Banner gear. Destiny 2: Season of Opulence is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Are you ready to show you’re worth Guardian?

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