Fallout 76 has become Bethesda’s most infamous project. Easily shattering the studio’s reputation within months thanks to constant shadow nerfing, false advertising about merchandise, and launching a clearly unfinished game for full price. For the most part, Bethesda has been performing damage control but this only led to more problems such as falsely banning players and asking them to write an essay about why they should be unbanned or revealing how they used the exploits that caused the ban.

In a new interview with IGN, Bethesda’s Todd Howard went on record to respond about the massive disaster that is Fallout 76. Acknowledging the project has issues that he was aware of before it launched.

“We knew we were going to have a lot of bumps,” Howard admitted. “That was a very difficult development on that game to get it where it was. We were ready for, you know, a lot of those difficulties that ended up on the screen. We knew, hey look, this is not the type of game that people are used to from us and we’re going to get some criticism on it. A lot of that is very well-deserved criticism.”

Howard did state that Fallout 76 wouldn’t be a “high Metacritic game” but it was a project the team wanted to make. He did state that the project drastically improved over the development period but a larger audience actively playing was needed to test the game.

Howard did confirm that Fallout 76 did hurt the reputation of Bethesda  “I’m sure it’s had some. It would be naive to say it’s had zero, right?” he admitted. “But I think if people come to the game now and see what’s going on there, I think they’ll be surprised. I’m really, really proud of what everybody’s done on the game and because I know where it’s going, I think we’re definitely longterm believers.”

E3 2019 is going to be a difficult time for Bethesda. Despite the mostly positive reviews for Rage 2 the backlash for Fallout 76 remains. With many players unwilling to give Bethesda titles any more liberties about the stability of their games.

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