Bethesda is throwing its hat into the ring for the market of game streaming technology. Bethesda’s Orion is a series of streaming technologies that can be used by developers to stream their games more easily.

The representatives on the E3 stage suggested that Orion was capable of “delivering better frame rates, 20% lower latency and 40% lower bandwidth requirements.” For both developers and players, streaming games at max quality will be easier and cheaper.

They showcased Orion’s capabilities by testing it on 2016’s Doom using a mobile device. They’re promising the ability to play in 4K and 60 fps. However, for now, they haven’t explained how their business model will work and who they will partner with.

People who sign up for the Slayers Club will have an earlier shot of trying Orion. Bethesda encourages folks to try signing up tonight. More information about hands-on trials of Orion will be announced in the future.

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