Torment of Hades takes players from the glorious bright fields of Elysium to the dark pits of the Underworld. Tasks with fixing a mistake you were indirectly responsible for and defeating legendary heroes from Greek history. Unfortunately, it also means completing a series of tedious missions. It’s not stellar but Torment of Hades is an adequate penultimate episode to the Fate of Atlantis.

You Find a New Dog!

Torment of Hades opens with players killing Cerberos, no that’s not a misspelling. The dog was a guardian that prevented the living from invading the living world and kept the most dangerous criminals in line. However, with the creature’s death Alexios, or Kassandra, must locate new guardians to take on the role of gatekeepers as ordered by Hades. In addition, you must resolve the rifts that are aiding in the escape of the Underworlds most dangerous prisoners and help familiar faces in gaining some peace while in death.

You can speed through the campaign without completing the core story but that would devalue the experience. Much of Torment of Hades focuses on the consequences of your actions, those you’ve killed and spared causing ripples within the narrative. Attempting to complete the DLC before finishing the story will lead to a lot of unsatisfying moments. For the sake of spoilers, I cannot say who you’ll encounter but the player will be faced in deciding things regarding forgiveness, redemption, and honor.

Much of the cast of characters are interesting to interact with, especially the character’s you’ve killed. Hades, in general, is cocky and quick to anger. He shows a great deal of determination and cares for what he does but also enjoys toying with mortals. It’s definitely a good take on the God of the Underworld.

Do This, Do That

Much of the issues with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the tedious errands you can constantly have to do. Here it’s no different, with the game openly acknowledging this. The player is annoyed about being an errand boy but since you caused the calamity in the Underworld it’s up to you fix things. Thankfully, there are far fewer camps to conquer and collectibles to destroy.

The developers did attempt to break this tedium by providing excellent boss battles. Many of these are against legendary heroes from Greek history and powerful creatures. The issue is that the heroes you’ll face are shallow. You go, fight them, and when defeated agree to be one of the new gatekeepers. There’s really no dialogue, especially considering these are legendary heroes such as Achilles and Agamemnon.

Replacing the bounty system is the Fallen. These people mostly consist of people within the core campaign looking for revenge. While there’s no consequence for your actions revisiting old enemies is entertaining, especially seeing them try to kill you a second time.

You would expect some incredible loot during your journey but you would be wrong. With the exception of story related gear, the optional items are pretty poor compared to Elysium’s offerings. By the end, you do obtain some powerful weapons and armor. But they’re mostly just a single item of each. The new abilities do offer new ways to take down enemies but rarely did I find a need to use them. Leaping into the air and reigning arrows is fun, but compared to many of the other skills its more flash than useful.

Bullet Sponge

If you enter Torment of Hades at a high level be ready for a lot of bullet sponge enemies. Many of the foes utilize the same abilities as the enemies in the previous episode. Draining the player’s adrenaline and using powerful beams of light. The rift enemies are immortal and can only be exposed to damage after sacrificing your own health to trigger their exposure. These battles do add a lot of challenges but those who manage their weapons and armor’s enhancements can easily circumvent these problems.

Waiting for the Finale

Much of Torment of Hades does focus on Alexios/Kassandra and pushes the modern era to the background. Having the player take responsibility for their actions while engaging in challenging boss fights coupled with tedious activities. It’s a serviceable journey into the Underworld with a distinct area to explore but doesn’t offer much in loot.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: The Fate of Atlantis – Episode 2: Torment of Hades Review
  • Great Boss Fights
  • Hades
  • New Area to Explore
  • Lots of Busy Work
  • Tedious Objectives
  • Lack of Powerful Optional Loot
7Overall Score
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