Today, it’s becoming increasingly more common for publishers to release games unfit for the public. This concern has many worried about whether a game will work on the day of its release because of this frequent problem. Some games were so terribly broken upon release that it’s now branded on the publisher’s track record. Here are the top 5 games that released in broken states.

5. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo has a long legacy of acclaimed titles so when Halo: The Master Chief Collection was announced many were excited to relive the classic games. With Halo 2 getting a modern update similar to Halo: Anniversary Collection, with newly designed cutscenes and updated visuals. While the single-player campaigns were well-received all the online features were completely broken.

The multiplayer for all the included games were nearly unplayable. Getting into a match was almost impossible and those lucky enough to play a match complained about severe lagging and crashing. 343 Industries and Microsoft would apologize, offering those who purchased the game during the year of its release several free digital items. Including a free copy of Halo: ODST Remastered.

It would take literal years before 343 Industries could resolve the many issues plaguing the collection. With the game now requiring massive updates if you want to play it now.

4. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

After revealing the new rebooted version of Sonic the Hedgehog SEGA revealed a television show and 2 new games. A 3DS game called Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal did receive positive scores and the television show has been popular among many, but the Wii U game Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric was unfit for publication.

The core gameplay was heavily criticized for not featuring the intense speed and split-second decisions many love about Sonic the Hedgehog games. But most talked about was the game’s technical issues. One problem that the game is infamous for was the Knuckle’s jumping glitch which allows the player to leap for an infinite amount of time. Allowing the player to skip entire portions of the game.

If you want to experience something positive relating to Sonic Boom, just watch the TV show. It’s actually pretty good.

3. Batman: Arkham Knight

Before Spider-Man PS4 Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series held the crown as the best superhero games of all time. Batman: Arkham Knight was meant to close off the series on a high note and while many weren’t too fond of having to babysit the Batmobile all the time it was generally well-received by fans on consoles. I say consoles because the PC version was a disaster.

The game launched in a completely broken state on PC. The game featured so many technical problems that WB Games recalled the title from digital stores and offered refunds to anyone who purchased the game. It was reported by Kotaku that WB was aware of the issues and still decided to ship the game because they believed it was “good enough”.

Eventually, the game was made available again on PC but still teeming with technical problems. WB would offer the season pass to anyone who purchased the game on PC until the end of 2015 and full refunds regardless of how long you owned the game. You can purchase the game now on PC but be aware that many of these problems still exist. You’re safer getting the PS4 or Xbox One version.

2. Battlefield IV

Coming off the success of Battlefield 3 many hoped the fourth installment would be just as great. How wrong we were. The game itself did feature a lot of positive improvements to the gameplay including massive destructive environments that altered the entire landscape. However, it was hard to experience these incredible battles when the multiplayer was near impossible to play.

The net code for Battlefield IV was riddled with problems on both console and PC. Players would spawn inside walls, teleport across the map, or have their weapons fail to register hits. The issues were so bad that a lawsuit was filed against EA about releasing false or misleading statements about the quality of the game. Unfortunately, you can see from our number 1 pick that this hasn’t stopped publishers from releasing broken games.

1. Fallout 76

Fallout 76’s release was so bad that the game has destroyed the reputation of Bethesda. The game launched as a premium price finished the game but in reality, was an early access title that was unfit for distribution. Fallout 76 was saturated with bugs, glitches, and broken mechanics that was simply unacceptable even for a Bethesda game. Many picked up that the title was modified with existing assets from past Bethesda games such as Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, with bugs from both of those games, included such as the wendigo manpower armor glitch.

The gameplay itself wasn’t well-received at all. With many criticizing the lackluster PvP, heavy use of robots as NPCs, and the absence of interesting missions that the Fallout games are notorious for. Instead, the entire adventure was focused on gathering resources to gain enough items to find more supplies.

Bethesda tried heavily to minimize the damage but things just got worse. Promotion items linked to Fallout 76 such as the limited edition version not including the advertised canvas bag, the outsourced Nuka Cola Dark being a plastic bottle instead of the glass bottle and so many to more problems completely destroyed the once acclaimed company’s reputation among gamers. Fallout 76 has quickly become one of the most infamous games this generation and now all future games from Bethesda have many worried.

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