While the base game of We Happy Few has gotten mixed reviews, I promise I won’t bring it up much, since the DLC, They Came From Below has little to do with it. However, I rather enjoyed the base game. It is worth your time at least once.

Having said that, They Came From Below is a quirky, fun, endearing, and sometimes spooky adventure through Wellington Wells. You’ll play as a pair of characters that you have met in the base game, Roger and James. The developer, Compulsion Games, have shown their willingness to listen to their community and, for some, finally deliver the cinematic experience many players were looking for, even if it has a different, yet oddly compelling, focus from the main game.

The Robots Are Attacking

So, rather than dealing with the main game’s themes of drug-induced happiness and faux-freedom, They Came From Below focuses on a new storyline. Dr. Faraday’s two assistants, Roger Bacon and James Maxwell need to help out the Doc after an experiment goes awry. Dr. Faraday winds up falling through a portal and has gone missing.

The duo then proceeds to pursue their missing boss and eventually stumble upon a species of alien robots that Faraday had been secretly experimenting on.

Now (to make matters worse), the robotic creatures are now trying to murder every human they see due to Faraday’s initial cruel behavior. I mean, can you blame them?

Whatchu Talkin’ Bout?

We Happy Few’s ‘Joy’ mechanic and open-world survival elements are pretty much stripped away in this DLC chapter. Instead, now, players are sort of funneled through the gameplay in a more linear and straightforward affair. However, this doesn’t take away from the game too much. In fact, the writing in They Came From Below is way more entertaining than We Happy Few’s main story arc and I enjoyed the base game. It seems that Compulsion Games stepped it up a notch.

James will offer some instruction via radio, usually with swearing and frustration at Roger’s affection for jumping into an adventure without thinking. This will obviously push the player in a new objective to aim for and few laughs. Honestly, the writing in the DLC actually made me smile quite a bit.

The themes in They Came From Below differ greatly from the main game and that only has little to do with taking part in an entirely new area. Even though you are a new character in an underground laboratory filled with inventions, killer robots, and puzzles these scientific achievements came at a price. As players explore with Roger, James struggles with the revelations that the robots seem to recognize pain and suffering even if they can’t truly feel it.

Even though They Came From Below only lasts a few hours, it manages to tackle some pretty extreme topics; slavery, what it means to be human, and mankind’s place in the world.

Find Love Where You Can

Despite how well they do all that, They Came From Below is ultimately a beautiful gay love story. The town seems mostly oblivious to their taboo relationship, in fact, one of the funniest moments of the DLC takes place in the town pawn shop. The owner mistakes their ‘nervous behavior’ for the duo being secretly Irish rather than gay. This made me laugh more than it should have.

The topic of James and Rogers love is mostly in the awkward feeling that these two men share. The adventure they end up in, however, winds up testing the couple’s resolve and shows the differences in their opinions. Roger has a much more rigid opinion, he sees the robots as tools. Many times Roger says that they made to be used. Conversely, James wants to try to save them at other opportunities.

Despite these conflicts, they wind up coming out of this extremely stressful engaugement stronger than ever. It’s a beautiful love story through and through.

Oh, Look! New Atmosphere and Gadgets!

One thing that really grabbed my attention was this new environment. It felt like I was playing through the best sci-fi B-movie that I have ever watched. These beautiful underworld caverns and all its huge cables, elevators, and big bright killer robots. It works very well throughout and the character design is still as great as the base game. The underground scenes certainly reminded of some evil villains master lair, which is always a badass look.

The player will get their hands on some spectacular, futuristic technology. Obviously, the best that you pick up is the ray gun that can turn into an electric baton with a push of a button. Why does it do that? Well, these two forms live in tandem. The ray gun needs re-charged after use and some good bashing with the baton will do just that. It creates a very different combat feel than the base game.


This new experience in They Came From Below will take players only a few hours to complete and that feels like the perfect amount of time to spend in this world. While I really wanted more of Robert and James, the DLC comes across as a pretty complete package. I really enjoyed the time I was able to spend in the DLC; even more so than that of the main game (again, not that WHF was bad by any means). I found that not having the open world gameplay or the survival mechanics made this journey better for the sole purpose that I could enjoy the story for what it was. This one factor alone makes for a better game. Of course, the bonus of a new sci-fi location and different baddies is also appreciated.

Sure, every DLC has rough edges but They Came From Below is We Happy Few at its best. The dark cinematic overtones, the inspiring love story, and the colorful B-movie, sci-fi adventure is something that will have fans wanting more. Compulsion Games is giving fans something to cheers about with DLC.

We Happy Few: They Came From Below is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

We Happy Few: They Came From Below DLC Review
The Good
  • Cleverly Written Story
  • Fun Futuristic Gadgets and Gameplay
  • Robert and James Are Adorable!
The Bad
  • Perhaps a Little Short
  • Need MORE Robert and James!
8.5Overall Score
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