After the troubled launch of a Disgaea mobile game and a number of low-selling recent releases, Nippon Ichi Software, who’s best known for its Disgaea series, is reporting severe financial problems.

The company has filed for an MS Warrant Stock on the JASDAQ stock exchange. Essentially, Nippon Ichi Software’s stocks would sell for cheaper in order to raise funds quickly. The MS Warrant Stock is often seen as a desperate attempt to save businesses that can’t borrow from a bank or investors, and as a result, it erodes the current stock investor’s trust.

Various news outlets from Japan, including GamesBiz, suggest that the company needs funding in order to pay its employees. The amount of money that the company filed for, 573,638,750 yen, is roughly the cost it takes to develop a game- including employee pay. Because of this, writers have drawn the conclusion that Nippon Ichi Software’s workers are going unpaid and are relying on the MS Warrant Stock to get paid.

Nippon Ichi Software is now in very deep water, and these financial woes are only just the latest development. Disgaea RPG, a mobile port of their popular strategy game series, was intended to launch in March. The game went into non-stop maintenance before ultimately getting pulled and launching its release for another three months. As a result, their stock plummeted heavily. The company still hasn’t recouped its investments in the game and hasn’t made any money on it.

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