Nioh was one of the biggest successes on the PlayStation 4. With physical copies sold out during its initial launch. With Nioh 2 confirmed many are hoping for any information about the game. Now, out of nowhere, a closed alpha has been confirmed for this week.

Seems like a shocking reveal for such an acclaimed title. With a new trailer released showing off some gameplay footage for the game.

The closed alpha will start on May 24th and remain live until June 2nd. No word on what it’ll contain but it’s likely the footage from the trailer is a good indicator of what players lucky enough to get in will experience.

Nioh was an action-adventure game developed by Team Ninja for the PS4 and PC. Set in the early 1600s during a fictional telling of the Sengoku period players take control of an Anglo-Irish sailor named William in pursuit of a Japanese enemy. Focusing on form and tactical combat, players must switch between stances to execute various methods of attacks that consume Ki, the game’s name for stamina.

Nioh 2 is in development.

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