Metro Exodus was a major success, with critics and gamers praising the game’s atmosphere and intense combat. Now, 2 new campaigns have been confirmed for summer and early 2020.

The expansions won’t star Artyom, instead, having the player take on the role of different characters within the Metro world.

There will be two major pieces of story-driven DLC for the game, following brand new stories from the world of Metro. Instead of Artyom, players will have the chance to see through the eyes of a brand new character and of one of the Spartan Rangers, the Aurora’s only American, Sam. Both of these will be available as part of the expansion pass, but will also be available for purchase separately.

The first campaign is set to launch this summer and is called The Two Colonels. This campaign will star Colonel Kalashnikov as he attempts to return to his family.

The second campaign is called Sam’s Story and will star a US Marine named Sam. Unlike the previous DLC, this will feature a sandbox environment as Sam tries to find out if his family is still alive. Sam’s Story will launch in early 2020.

Metro Exodus is now available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Check out our review here.

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