Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 Wastelands takes a while to get started but once you reached the final third, you’ll be at the edge of your seat. With Sean and Daniel at a new breaking point as they try to secure enough money for their trip to Mexico. The brothers will make new friends but at the cost of their own relationship. Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 provides a lot more difficult decisions, profound moments, and an ending that many won’t see coming.

We’re Brother, right?

Episode 3 takes place months after the previous episode. Sean and Daniel have retreated to a marijuana farm and found work with the help of Finn and Cassidy. Joining their camp alongside the other farm hands Sean and Daniel develop a somewhat strong bond with the rest of the workers.

Much of the episode focuses on Sean learning about each person. There hopes, desires, and past lives are all explained. Furthering your bond with each of them but some are given more time than others.

Finn and Cassidy return and are much more fleshed out here. Sean can choose to develop a bond with them but his primary focus always remains Daniel. The kid has developed a strong control over his powers and isn’t afraid to exercise them or, depending on your choices from the previous episode, not use them. Regardless, he’s become much more aggressive due to the present circumstances. Believing that Sean has abandoned him and his past life for his new friends.

This leads to a lot of tension between the brothers. Difficult decisions begin to sprout up during the final third of the episode and many of them stem from Daniel and Sean’s relationship. Much of narrative is branching, with various outcomes not only linked to the current episode but the previous 2. There’s a lot to take in and players are encouraged to try out different combinations. Thankfully, the developers have included a much more effective skip cutscenes option.

More Dialogue

Much of the episode focuses on a couple of areas. There’s little variety but the focus is on the characters. These spaces serve as a hotspot to learn about each of these people. Going into their tents, speaking to them directly, or drawing.

It’s not much to explore and the area is littered with objects to look at. Many of these are supplies and content about the camp Sean and Daniel are staying in. Thankfully, there’s only 1 real puzzle but it’s a simple collect the key items and the focus remains on the narrative.

Can’t Wait for More

Episode 3 ends on a high note, with a massive cliffhanger and several ways the next episode could proceed. There’s a lot of reasons to not only replay episode 3 but episode 2, and with the skip cinematic option, you can finally change choices quickly. It does take a while before the episode starts to gain traction but this is a small complaint. Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 Wastelands is an excellent episode that will have you craving for the penultimate finale.

Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 Wastelands Review
  • Strong Characters
  • Lots of Branching Options
  • Skip Cutscenes Feature
  • Slow Start
  • Bland Areas to Explore
8.5Overall Score
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