Tiny Build, Big Ambitions

Tiny Build is looking to change up the formula to the battle royale genre. Thirty players spawn in a room, as the timer ticks to zero, tension builds. When the clock hits zero, one player is infected and that’s when the fun really begins.

Before the players get a chance to run from the infected, for a few precious seconds they are all locked in there with the infected player as that individual tries to convert the living players to his ranks. Once the gates drop the race is on to get a gun and get to the train! The game doesn’t end when you reach the train either. Survivors must then get the train to the end station to win. It’s a pretty solid blend of challenge and pure entertainment.

Infection? You Should Get That Checked Out

Some of what makes Pandemic Express stand out is the effect that the weaponry has on infected players. Zombies can swarm players but as they get hit by weapons they are thrown back from the survivors.

As someone who likes this feature, there needs to be a drop-off at some point. It can make zombie abilities feel useless at times. For example, the bomb ability, it is insanely easy for survivors to juggle that particular player and keep them from ever getting near the train. It isn’t bad or game breaking but it just feels like something that could be tightened up.

There is another ability that is downright frightening when used right. This special ability allows the infected to go invisible for a short period of time. It is insanely startling as a survivor to think the rush of infected players has hit a lull only for a zombie to go un-invisible behind you and start dealing damage. However, it’s super satisfying to be that invisible infected that reveals itself and cause chaos in the ranks of the survivors.

Even the Regular infected are a blast to play. It is insanely enjoyable to chase down a survivor and convert them. I often find myself cackling in glee as I attack a survivor in a lake, emerging from the dark depths of the murky water.

Just a Man and His Will To Survive

Survivors have a pretty decent array of weaponry at their disposal. Revolvers, TEC-9, AK-47 style assault rifles, shotguns, and a bolt action rifle are at the player’s disposal.

If players can avoid the claws of the infected long enough they may even find a shield to help protect against damage. Those are sparse though, which is great it’s already a challenge to get to the living, no one needs a baby tank running around in a ton of armor.

Coming Soon

Looking at the main menu of Pandemic Express there is a lot still to come to this game. Things like character customization, three new potential modes and what is referred to as ‘Lucky Items’ are all on the way to make the game even more of a standout title.

The new modes involve some interesting concepts and speculations. It seems there will be modes coming revolving around a massive boat, a skylift system, and a rocket or (possible) missile.

Keep in mind Pandemic Express will likely undergo a lot of changes on the road to completion but Tiny Build wants to keep the core gameplay as close to what it is now as possible.

As someone who wants to see this game thrive, it wouldn’t hurt to enable a report system. If not to combat any sort of cheating, which I did not see thankfully, to report offensive and abhorrently unacceptable behavior. Things like throwing around racial slurs or hate speech, mainly. No one needs that kind of garbage.

Overall, Pandemic Express is a blast all around. What other game lets you jump shot your way up the side of a building as zombies swarm you, or even lets you spam jump up the side of cliffs as infected chase you. Sliding around after you sprint is also something they added. Honestly, I am glad to see that popping up more and more in games. It is also great to see companies innovating and bringing new aspects to genres.

Run away from the infected, or seek vengeance on the living now for about fifteen dollars on Steam.

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