Epic Games has tweeted the first teaser image for season nine of Fortnite.

Epic tweeted the teaser on the official Fortnite account with the caption “The Future is Unknown.”

The Future is Unknown. 5.9.2019 #FortniteSeason9 pic.twitter.com/OugJ6Y54G9— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) May 6, 2019

The teaser was expected on May 5, as the teasers usually start three days before the new season begins.

More teasers should drop as we get closer to season nine that will provide more clues.

Fortnite season nine battle pass cost

There has not been much difference in terms of cost of Fortnite Battle Passes, so chances are that season nine will be around 950 V-Bucks. In human money, that is 10 dollars or eight euros.

We can also expect to see another Battle Bundle in the Fortnite Item Shop for the upcoming season. It may be a little more expensive but will give players a head start on the first 25 tiers of the Battle Pass. Gamers will also be allowed to unlock a lot of new skins along the way.

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