The appeal of a cult never really made much sense in retrospect. Following a weird set of rules and giving yourself over to some entity that may or may not exist seems to be a fool’s errand in the search for immortality. It could also be seen as some self-righteous farce to impose your will on others on the basis that some unseen thing told you to tell others they can’t do stuff because it may offend him and make him cry into his mother’ nickers or whatever.

Vengeance, on the other hand, I understand. Blood: Fresh Supply follows the story of a man who was part of a cult and the demon or deity they summon basically flips the bird and kills all of his friends. Blood: Fresh Supply brings back that nostalgic feel of the classic shooters like Doom, but let’s take a look at what else it brings to the table sans the nostalgic filter.

Paint The Town With The Blood of Your Enemies

Blood: Fresh Supply is a revamp of the old school shooter series by Atari. It’s bloody, chaotic, fast-paced and despite its dark demeanor still slips in the comedy. During one of the opening sequences of the game, I was in a train station and an announcement pinged over the intercom about a train 666 departing soon. Given the hellish and demonic nature of the game, it was worth a small chuckle.

In that same area, I actually had a laugh at a dad level joke. The phone rang, which is odd enough given the fact I was just painting the walls red with the blood of cultists and zombies. When I answered it I was met with a classic ” I’m looking for a Huge Butts” Bart Simpson style joke and it was unexpected enough a laugh escaped my usual deadpan face.

Blood: Fresh Supply is one of those rare games that doesn’t take itself to seriously and it never feels forced as it does in most other games. Sure the mowing down of cultists, zombies, and gargoyles gets broken up by one-liners and prank phone calls but it doesn’t quite feel as disappointing as say a comedian running to the middle of a stage, body slamming a pie then immediately turning to the crowd and going “QUIRKYYYYY”.

As the audience sits there in silence and the comedian’s pause becomes an uncomfortable silence. No, Blood: Fresh Supply has a certain cheesy goodness that you can tell your friends about and they’ll enjoy it about the same as you do. Plus weird demon piranha things will attack you and you can kill them with a flare gun while underwater. So a game that allows that kind of logic can’t be the worst thing to play.

Got Me a Pointy Stick!

The weaponry in Blood: Fresh Supply is as explosive as the game’s personality. You start the game with nothing more than a pitchfork and after dance stabbing your way through a few enemies, you acquire a flare gun. This is one of the most enjoyable guns in the game! It will deal massive amounts of damage to most of the enemies you fight.

In fact, the cannon fodder style enemies will burst into flames when you hit them with the flare gun. Other weapons include your standard array of shotguns, machine guns, dynamite, remote explosives, and a napalm launcher. That last one is great for dealing with the flying enemies that appear.

Another Day In This Carnival of Souls

The level design in Blood: Fresh Supply is superb, to say the least. At one point I was in a literal carnival in what I’m assuming is hell and a reaper was asking me for a ticket to enter. After I walked past him and dispatched the team of enemies he calls because I didn’t hand him a ticket I discovered something that was joyfully twisted. The carnival is fully functioning.

The games you pass are completely playable and allow the players to get different items like the invisibility perk, or dual wield for winning the game. I actually made the joke that playing soccer with a human head would be fun. When you get to the carnival there is actually a mini-game where you kick the heads into a giant gross looking mouth. It’s surprisingly fun even when the heads rebound outside and you have to chase them down.

Is My Eye Bleeding? Oh No, That Was Your Blood

There seems to be a weird experience when playing this game for too long. I noticed when looking down, because of the game’s retro design, that a weird sense of forced perspective happened. The games geometry seemed to break a bit and angles would look way deeper than they should and would give a sense of vertigo. Thankfully this is one of the only truly negative aspects of the game. There isn’t a ton here to not enjoy.

Outside of this the only thing that was more of a nuisance than anything was the fact that if you die you lose all your weapons. Even that is easily overlooked if you just reload your save because it will give you back all your weapons. If you’re a bit of a masochist like me though it is kind of fun sprinting around trying to rebuild your arsenal. It can get old hearing the gruff “locked” or a growl with “I need a key” but again those things are grandiosely minuscule in the grand scheme of the game.


There is a multiplayer mode to Blood: Fresh Supply. I sadly did not get to spend any time with it as I could not find a match to join. There was a listed Bloodbath mode where players fight to be the person with the most kills. There was also a Capture The Flag style game mode that pits teams of 4v4 in the classic style game mode. If the multiplayer plays anything like the campaign it is sure to be a bloody delicious time.

The Final Circle

To close things out, Blood: Fresh Supply is a wonderful game in the same veins as Dusk. That’s to say that they are both love letters to shooters of the past. There really isn’t a whole lot of negative things to say about Blood: Fresh Supply aside from its’ weird vertigo-inducing geometry. If you grew up playing DOOM or even the original Blood and want a fantastic throwback to that era then look no further than Blood: Fresh Supply.

Blood: Fresh Supply Review
The Good
  • Fantastic Gameplay
  • Top Notch Humor
  • Surprisingly Decent Story.
The Bad
  • Can induce weird sense of vertigo
  • repetitive voice lines
7.5Overall Score
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