EA projected that Anthem would sell 6-8 million copies before the end of the fiscal year. Many thought this was an unrealistic goal, turns out it was. With Anthem failing to meet that goal but EA stating they’re committed to the title and BioWare.

During EA’s financial call going over figures for Q4 of the past fiscal year, it was said that Anthem did not meet the publisher’s expectations. “The launch of Anthem in Q4 did not meet our expectations,” said EA CEO Andrew Wilson plainly. “However, we believe in the team at BioWare, and we also believe in what they set out to achieve with this game – building a new IP and melding genres to reach a new audience.”

Anthem has been in a difficult position since its launch. Not only did the game release to negative reception but those who’ve stuck by the game have been increasingly more vexed at BioWare’s decisions for post-launch content. Such as the lack of loot and new content.

Most importantly, it came out by Kotaku that development for Anthem was mismanaged and caused BioWare staff to emotionally breakdown due to stress.

Currently, EA has similar expectations for Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Expecting that game to sell 6-8 million copies as well.

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