Much like Persona 4 Golden, it’ll offer an enhanced experience of the original title. The Royal‘s main highlights include a new female major character, more content to explore, and extra endgame story content.

Persona 5 is back to take hearts once again with Persona 5 The Royal.
At Persona Super Live 2019, Atlus unveiled a new trailer and press release that details some of what you can expect.

Kasumi Yoshizawa is a mysterious new character who transfers to Shujin Academy in the same year as the protagonist. She’s a rhythmic gymnast who’s a high-achiever.

Like the protagonists, it seems like she’ll be able to travel to the Metaverse and fight Shadows. However, while she seems to get on well with the player character, she rejects the Phantom Thieves. You’ll need to see whether or not she turns out to be an enemy or an ally.

The trailer also introduces one more new character, Takuto Maruki. Following the events of the first dungeon, Takuto Maruki will be introduced to the story as a part-time school counselor. He appears to be a new confidant with the Arcana, “Le Consultant.”

With these new characters, there will be even more story content to enjoy. In fact, you’ll get another semester to the in-game calendar!

The Royal promises to add more content for January and February, which are skimmed over towards the end of the original Persona 5‘s story. This includes new events such as a traditional Japanese trip to the shrine for New Year’s.

New areas and events will be added. Kichioji, a fashionable area that mixes traditional and modern Tokyo, will add even more for players to explore after school, Plus, there appear to be a few new hangout spots. You could take Kasumi to the aquarium, or even take Caroline and Justine to a theme park!

The game’s dungeons have also received an upgrade. Some of the existing Palaces will have new puzzles. The protagonist, as Joker, can now use a grappling hook to explore new areas of Palaces. In both Mementos and Palaces, you’ll also find new enemies called “Kyoma.” They’ll give you a hard time in battle, so be prepared.

Persona 5 The Royale will launch in Japan on October 31, 2019 for PS4. An English language release for Asia and the west is planned for 2020.

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