Mods are a wonderful thing. They let us, as an audience, show off our own skills using what our favorite creators have. Some mods are ridiculous such as the blood-thirsty Teletubbies for a Left 4 Dead mod. While others take the game and run with a whole new story. This article is about the latter that I got to play at PAX East.

The Forgotten City started as a mod of a pretty popular game with dragons in it. I won’t mention that game because it is kind of obvious but also I don’t want it to overshadow how incredibly beautiful The Forgotten City is on its own.

Tell me a Story

Imagine if you will that someone took an episode of Twilight Zone and then asked Groundhog’s Day for a romantic rendezvous. The product will be the overall premis of The Forgotten City.

You discover a deep underground city from Ancient Rome where a number of people lay dead because someone broke some mysterious law. You find a portal that will take you back to the very beginnings of the incident. From here you will talk to everyone you come across and try to win their trust to find out who was behind the original murders.

I say murder, but what really happens is everyone turns to gold. Yes, everyone has been turned into gold statues of themselves like King Midas went on a bender.

It’s Shiny and New

Some of you have already placed this mod back when it first came out, however, The Forgotten City features a brand new re-imagining. Nick Pearce, the one-man modder, took his mod to Unreal Engine and made a full game out of it!

He redesigned the characters and dialogue. He made more original lore with fresh twists and new endings. He also added combat and wall-climbing mechanics. He put so much more into this game that it is no longer the mod you once knew. So it will be completely worth your time to play it once again.

When asked if he voiced anything in the new game Nick laughed and told me, “No, no, I tried that and it is much harder than people make it look.” Either way, Nick did some amazing things with this game and I was completely enthralled with it. I didn’t want my demo time to end.

Nick also mentioned that he, “respects the intelligence of the players and really let explore the world to solve the mystery.” Which means there is no hand holding here. You really need to put in the effort to solve the issues going on in this game.


The Forgotten City is a gorgeous walkie-talkie with combat elements. This game will want you craving more and yet make you question everything you know about morality. “What is a sin?” very much is prominent in this gameplay. You will find yourself questioning your own morality systems.

So, if you are looking for deep narrative, smooth gameplay, beautiful landscapes, and mind-bending time loops then The Forgotten City is your game for 2019! It will be available for Xbox and PC sometime late this year for about $20. Add it to your wishlist now.

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