Some games need a big build up while others just need a simple explanation and you are already hooked. Darksburg had me hooked from the very first sentence on their website. “Darksburg is a cooperative survival action game where 4 players team up to survive the hordes of infected that overwhelmed the town of Darksburg.” That is it. Sign me up.

If you need a little more information, however, then please watch this trailer and then keep reading.

Pick A Character And Survive

If you’ve played Left 4 Dead then you know kind of what the set up of this game is. It’s not as intense, but it has its own personal charm that grabbed my heart right from the start.

While L4D had characters that didn’t really have different stats or purpose, Darksburg does. You’ll pick one-of-four, Varag, Sister Abigail, Rose, and Runolf. All have their own powers and ways to help the team. While at PAX East, I was able to demo as Varag, the werewolf who escapes from prison at literally the worst possible moment.

As my teammate and I played through this top-down multiplayer action game to rid the city of the waves of undead that now occupy it, we soon realized how difficult it actually is. You very much have to work as a team to survive.

Controls You Aren’t Use To

Unless you play WoW on a regular basis this game has some very different controls that I needed to adjust to. It focuses on right click movement, while your normal W, A, S, D controls have become your power abilities. I don’t know how many times I went to move forward and ended up using a Shield Bash. However, this didnt take away any joy I felt from the game itself. I was just a huge adjustment I had to mentally do.

Thankfully for dolts like me, they are porting Darksburg to consoles, eventually. No word as to when yet.


The artwork in Darksburg is wonderful, and while the demo I played took place in the night, there were still so many colors that popped and stood out. The gameplay is smooth other than controls being something I wasn’t used to. If your teammates run out on you the game can also be incredibly difficult. Darksburg was one of my personal favorites that I played at PAX East and I can’t wait for a full release.

If you want to learn more, head on over to their Steam Page and put it on your wishlist also!

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