Blizzard has begun teasing the next event for Overwatch titled Storm Rising. On April 7, a clipping from the fictional newspaper Havana Sun was posted on the Overwatch website. Blizzard then tweeted details on the Storm Rising event. The tweet also teased a possible new playable hero named Sojourn.

The Havana Sun clipping is written in Spanish with an English translation underneath. The article has details on the unknown takeover of Don Rumbotico, a distillery with a “controversial” history. After founder Clara and Basillo Diaz refused to sell the distillery to an “anonymous financial group”, they were met with hardships and had to sell the company. The article say Don Rumbotico is not the only Havana icon to be bought by this mysterious group. The article ends with a weather warning for an approaching storm.

Tweet details

The tweet on the Overwatch account contains decrypted audio for an archived mission briefing in the Overwatch team database. The message is to Commander Morrison, putting the date of the recording before the fall of Overwatch and the transformation into Soldier: 76. The briefing claims to go after the villain’s accountant would be an easier task than tracking down Doomfist. The voice states Tracer will lead the team and be joined by Winston, Genji and Mercy. The briefing ends with a voice identifying themselves as Sojourn.

This is the first mention of Sojourn, and it sounds like she has authority within or over Overwatch. No word yet on whether she will be an upcoming playable hero. It does sound like she will play a big role in Storm Rising, however.

The trailer ends with the Storm Rising event date. The event will ru April 16 through May 6.

Storm Rising

Overwatch is available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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