Microsoft may double down on its service plans. According to The Verge, Microsoft will offer both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for $14.99.

This is a great deal considering Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold are $9.99 a month alone. You’ll be saving around $5 by bundling the services. Considering this will give you access to hundreds of Xbox games and online services, this means Xbox Games with Gold as well, it’s a great option for those on a budget. It also adds more weight to the disc drive absent Xbox One that is rumored to launch soon for a discounted price.

Microsoft has been putting more weight on providing services than exclusives. With their recent exclusive, Crackdown 3, being mostly negatively received. In addition, most Xbox exclusive games are now going multiplatform such as Halo becoming available on not only just Windows 10 but now Steam. With Halo: The Master Chief Collection confirmed for Steam.

The future of Xbox may be services instead of traditional methods. Such as release an exclusive and convince customers to purchase a console for said exclusive.

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