Since its release back in 2018, God of War has been one of the most critically acclaimed games this generation. Scattering the expectations of fans and critics. Now, a new documentary is in development called Rising Kratos.

Rising Kratos will follow game director Cory Barlog and his team at Santa Monica studio. It’ll detail how development for this masterpiece underwent. We get a small snippet of the documentary, showing off the project’s development, reveal, and final result.

Rising Kratos hasn’t been the first documentary showcasing the development of God of War. Several videos have been released highlighting the game’s development. Including one showcasing the World Serpent and Leviathan ax.

God of War takes place in Midgard years after the events of God of War 3. Kratos has started a new family and following his wife’s death must travel to the highest peak to scatter her ashes with his son Atreus. As her final request.

God of War is now available for PS4. Check out our review here.

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