When Dead Cells launched back in 2018, one of the highest review scores was given by IGN’s Filip Miucin. Turns out the former IGN Editor plagiarized his review from another, Boomstick Gaming. Miucin was terminated and the review was taken down. Miucin then posted a video not apologizing for what he did and instead challenging the internet, including Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, to find more examples. Many more examples were found.

Filip Miucin would continue to upload videos on his personal channel until going dark. Recently, Miucin uploaded a new video apologizing for his actions. Taking content from Boomstick Gaming, Nintendo Life, Nintendo Wire, Engadget, and Polygon for using their content as his own. 

The comments section and like and dislikes ratio is fairly criticized. With most accepting his apology and finally accepting what he did. Others stating that he should’ve issued this apology earlier.

Update 4/22/2019

Miucin recently uploaded a new video explaining the reasoning behind his actions. Stating that his intentions were not malicious but due to lack of confidence in himself. Miucin conveyed that he copied the work of those he admired due to his rapid growth. After gaining so much notoriety within a short time he decided to take the words of those he shared an opinion with. Miucin did state that this doesn’t excuse what he did but provides context to why he did it.

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