Darksiders III just got a free update today. Adding Armageddon Mode to the title in new game plus. This will allow players to replay the entire adventure with your enhancements but expect an equal challenge.

Darksiders III is a prequel to the first 2 games and stars Fury, sister to the 4 Horsemen. Fury must kill the Seven Deadly Sins to bring balance to the now ravaged Earth.

Unlike previous games, Darksiders III is more of a tactical exploration game with light RPG elements. Players must rely on reading opponent movements and using mobility to their advantage similar to FromSoftware’s games. Because of this shift reception has been polarized with some liking the new direction and others annoyed by it.

The developers, Gunfire Media, have their upcoming projectRemnant: From the Ashes, releasing this August as well.

Darksiders III is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Check out our review here.

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