Legacy of the First Blade was an average DLC campaign that linked Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to the rest of the franchise. The Fate of Atlantis Episode 1 Fields of Elysium is anything but mediocre and is one of the best expansions in the franchise. With an array of incredible characters and branching narrative options. The tedious mission objectives can become frustrating but the story easily overshadows any issues within the DLC. Fields of Elysium is a powerful start to this 3-part campaign and one that no fan of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey should miss.

Where Heroes Live

Fields of Elysium has the player traveling to Elysium, a realm within the afterlife where acclaimed heroes live. While Alexios/Kassandra are predominantly played the DLC does give Layla some much needed time in the spotlight. Eventually the player makes it to Elysium where things in this paradise have gone downhill.

Persephone, the goddess in charge of Elysium, has turned the area into a dictatorship and rules with an iron fist. Unwilling to allow those living to leave and mind-controlling inhabitants into soldiers. The player must attempt to weaken her hold on Elysium by taking part in the rebellion against Persephone.

The narrative features a lot of branching paths, great characters, and dialogue options. Many of the various gods and humans in this world have their reasons to aiding or stopping the rebellion. The player must decide how to handle these situations to either create friendships or enemies. Choosing to be violent, compliant, or rebellious in each objective is up to you. The consequences of some decisions are immediate but others will likely show in a future episode.

Start Your Errands

The open world of Elysium is beautiful, full of colorful flower fields, high cliffs, and clean waters. Roads are nearly non-existent and the player having to frequently get off their horse. This can become vexing as most of the objectives require traveling long distances, especially due to the lack of fast travel points.

Much of the objectives are errands and busy work. The player must reduce the control of Persephone by destroying statues, free mind-controlled soldiers, and capture military bases. One mission called “The Keeper and Kylos” was a technical nightmare. The NPC refused to follow me and required multiple restarts before I could finish the mission. What made these situations more dynamic is the enemy variety.

This time the player must face off against enemies imbued with god-like energy. With this power, they can shoot beams of energy or create an aura that drains your adrenaline. The developers have removed the bounty system from Elysium as well. Instead, rock sentries are littered throughout the environment that activates when a hostile guard is within the vicinity.

Fields of Elysium provides more options to players in terms of loot. A constant flow of new items is being provided each new mission you complete. No new abilities are provided but some existing talents are boosted. It’s a bit of a let down considering Legacy of the First Blade introduced new abilities for the player to use.

A Strong Start

Fields of Elysium is a strong start to this three-part campaign. The new characters, environment and branching narrative easily overshadows Legacy of the First Blade by providing unique elements. If you loved Assassin’s Creed Odyssey then you won’t be disappointed with Fields of Elysium.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey The Fate of Atlantis Episode 1 Fields of Elysium Review
  • Excellent Characters
  • Branching Paths
  • Elysium
  • Tedious Objectives
  • Lots of Busy Work
  • "The Keeper and Kyros" Quest
7Overall Score
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