Devil May Cry V launches next week and in celebration, we’re looking back at all the games in the series to list the best 5. Here are our selections for the top 5 best Devil May Cry games.

5. Devil May Cry Dante’s Awakening Special Edition

This edition of Devil May Cry 3 was more than a simple remake, it added Dante’s brother Vergil as a playable character. However, many, including myself, were annoyed that Vergil was limited to repeating the events of Dante’s campaign instead of having a what-if adventure. Regardless, this version of Devil May Cry 3 still had all the great qualities of the original and although Vergil’s addition was disappointingly crafted playing as the brother added enough thrills to warrant another purchase of the game.

4. Devil May Cry

The beginning of something great Devil May Cry launched Dante’s legacy into gamer’s hearts. Dante was a likable, although cocky, warrior that used dual guns and a sword to fight powerful supernatural creatures and demons. What more could you ask for? Since then, Devil May Cry has been one of Capcom’s most popular IPs.

3. Devil May Cry 4

Devil May Cry 4 was different, as it introduced a new playable character and much more varied Dante. Nero was well-received thanks to his Devil Bringer combos and unique weapons. Dante’s updated ability to change styles on the fly allowed for greater control and more combat options. What brought the entire adventure together was the incredible soundtrack and story, but it did fall short on the boss fights. With Dante repeating the same 3 boss fights that Nero already faced.

2. DmC: Devil May Cry

When DmC: Devil May Cry was revealed many were vexed about how Capcom didn’t reveal Devil May Cry V and how thought the studio was rebooting the entire series. This wasn’t true as Ninja Theory was simply telling their own rendition of Dante and Vergil’s story but it still launched with a lot of backlash. However, those who played the game were greeted to an outstanding action-adventure game.

DmC: Devil May Cry captured all the qualities of the original titles but with a much more combat friendly system. The infamously difficult cancellation technique was simplified here and combined with a grapple system that made combo much more enjoyable. In addition, the game featured an outstanding graphical style that had the environment constantly shifting and changing. It was an excellent game and hopefully, we’ll get a sequel as Ninja Theory is open to doing one if Capcom agrees.

1.Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening

After the poor reception of Devil May Cry 2 Capcom needed a hit to bring the season back to its former heights, and they succeeded with Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening. Considered the hardest in the series and one of the most challenging games on the PS2 Devil May Cry 3 served as a prequel that introduced Dante’s brother how he obtained his iconic Devil Trigger ability.

The game was no walk in the park, so much that Capcom’s rerelease of the game featured an easier option for players and made Vergil simpler to control. Those who did complete the difficult campaign were exposed to some of the series best boss fights, musical scores, and weapons that concluded with a climatic and emotional ending.

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