Since December last year, Atlus has been teasing at a Persona 5-related title known as “Persona 5 R.” It’s still anyone’s guess as to what it could be, but now, Atlus is ready to unveil the curtain and introduce fans to what’s next for Persona 5.

On Saturday, March 23rd, Atlus will give information about P5R. It’ll be air after the TV broadcast of the Persona 5 anime’s finale special, “Stars and Ours.” Expect information to hit around 9:00 PM JST, as the special itself airs at 8:00 PM JST.

What do you think “Persona 5 R” will be? Is it an enhanced remake, like Persona 5 Golden, and is Persona finally coming to non-PlayStation consoles? Could it be another fighting game? Or, heck, are we getting Persona 5 Racing? We’ll have to find out together tomorrow.

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