Halo has been one of the key franchises in Microsoft lineup. Now, the Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo: Reach is coming to PC. Not just Windows 10 but Steam as well.

343 Industries confirmed that they’re enlisting the help of studios Splash Damage and Ruggian to help bring the games to the PC. After the terrible launch of Halo: MCC on the Xbox One, ensuring the PC launch goes well should be a priority. For those unaware, Halo: MCC was saturated with more multiplayer technical issues than Fallout 76. So much that Microsoft had to provide not only an apology but several free gifts for early adopters.

This is a huge decision considering the lack of exclusives on the Xbox One currently, having Halo, even the older games, seems bewildering. But Microsoft has been preparing the Xbox One to become a streaming system by focusing more on services than exclusive games, unlike Sony and Nintendo which have double-downed on exclusive content with multiple acclaimed titles on both the Nintendo Switch and PS4.

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