Toejam & Earl: Back in The Groove is one of the best co-op games to come out in recent memory. Not only does it manage to mix elements from multiple previous games in the series but it also manages to still feel true to the core elements that made the originals stick in players minds. Besides that though the game implements a stellar achievement list that challenges players but also doesn’t devolve into a ‘do a repetitive task for five hours for 2G’ that a lot of games seemed to be doing for a while. Let’s take a look at some of best ones from the list of available achievements in the game.

Truly Evil – 15G

This achievement requires players to send an identified bad present to another player. It’s really simple to get, I’m pretty sure I actually did it back at Pax South totally by accident. I’m not quite sure what it was that I sent another player but as I looked over at their section of the screen their character was puking and it was hilarious.

Boom Box Baby – 15G

I’m usually not one for mini-games but the boom box one was actually pretty enjoyable. In a Dance Dance Revolution style game players have to match the button on the screen. The achievement requires players to do this four times. If I remember correctly, the get a little more difficult each time they are initiated. Don’t get too worried though the mini-game doesn’t usually last longer than twenty seconds or so.

Hi-Fiver – 15G

This one is super simple and spreads the love between players. All it requires players to do is hi-five their teammates three times in one game. Don’t leave your friends hanging, meet them up top.

Fool Me Twice – 15G

The scariest moment in Toejam & Earl: Back In The Groove is the moments before the elevator closes at the end of a level. Those moments when you aren’t sure if you are moving up in the world or getting sent down a level are some of the tensest in the game. The achievement requires players to ride in the evil elevator twice in one game. Super simple to get, just hope that the elevator you’re in doesn’t move you up but rather gets huge teeth and evil eyes and eats you. I think there’s a Beatles song that says something similar.

Harsh Love – 15G

Love can be a cruel and harsh mistress. It can be tough to see your friend in a relationship that is bad for them and sometimes you just want to smack them and hope they snap out of it. Do it, at least in regards to Toejam & Earl. Run up and slap some sense into your teammate, snap them out of it and get yourself fifteen Gamerscore for it.

Food Taster – 15G

As Gaming Access Weekly’s resident chunky boy this is an achievement I can definitely get behind. The achievement requires players to eat every type of food in the game in a single playthrough. So go nuts, try all of the food. This time around there are no consequences, well unless you pick up the rotten food, then you might barf.

Backer Visitor – 15G

Toejam & Earl: Back in The Groove had a kick starter to fund the game and the hidden backer characters are a special thank you for the biggest supporters of that kick starter. This one requires players to find one of the hidden backers in the game. There is another one for finding them all but I am not sure right now how many are in the game, so go find them and say Hi!

There are so many other excellent and enjoyable achievements in this game. It is one of the best-constructed lists I have seen in a while. It just a ton of fun and you don’t really see games making their lists be that way. I mean what other game lets you set yourself on fire and then put yourself out for a few Gamerscore. Go try this game out, if not for nostalgia sake then for the sake of playing a co-op game that is an absolute blast.

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