Since its debut back in 2001, the Devil May Cry franchise has been one of Capcom’s most acclaimed franchises. The mixture of over-the-top action, cool characters, and fun gameplay had gamers smitten since the beginning. Devil May Cry V not only delivers those same chilling feelings but cracks up the intensity. It took a long time to make but it was well worth the wait, whether you’re a fan or new to the series.

A Story for Fans

Devil May Cry V has players taking control of return devil hunters Dante and Nero along with newcomer V. The city of Red Grave has been invaded by a new demon king called Urizen who is gathering human blood. Each one of the 3 protagonists has their own reasons to kill Urizen that is efficiently told through flashbacks and present actions.

The story has players traveling between different periods of the narrative that is easily expressed in the handly timeline shown in the beginning of each mission. We get context into how Nero lost his arm, V’s origins, and Dante’s own troubles and desires. Of course, the voice-acting is excellent and choreography for every scene has been intricately crafted.

Newcomers may have issue following the narrative since it does require the player to have knowledge of most of the core Devil May Cry games and anime. The writing staff has included a historical video to get everyone to speed but the game doesn’t try to retread old ground, you’re expected to know about Dante’s family history and Nero’s debut adventure.

What brings the entire story together is linking together. During specific sections, players can be joined by other characters in a type of multiplayer. Since this adventure features all 3 characters going on different paths but with a similar goal you’ll cross one another eventually, leading to some epic battles with all 3 characters using their collective powers.

Do it With Style

The story is well-told and builds on the Devil May Cry lore but many play this franchise for the gameplay and Devil May Cry V doesn’t disappoint. Each one of the 3 characters all have unique fighting styles and leveling systems. Dante and Nero play identical to their Devil May Cry 4 versions why V is a bit more difficult.

Nero no longer has access to his devil arm and instead relies on his mechanical Devil Bringer arms created by weapon master Nico. The arms come in a wide variety that range from supercharging his blade the Red Queen to powerful electrical burst. Nero cannot change arms and must either exhaust the charges or charge it fully to perform the arm’s most powerful attack to break it.

Nero does come with his standard Red Queen sword and Blue Rose gun. Red Queen still holds 3 charges that can be used to expel fire for extra damage and perform unique attacks while the Blue Rose can be charged as well. It’s mostly the same combat system from Nero’s debut adventure but the new arm system gives him more variety in attacks.

Dante is the same, with the ability to change styles known as Trickster, Gunslinger, Royal Guard, and Sword Master. Each style has their own unique abilities and unlike Nero or V Dante has more weapons to choose from that can also be accessed on the fly.

Dante is a bit stronger than Nero and due to his versatility a bit easier to use. However, those seeking to perform Dante’s harder combo attacks will be in a world of hurt. As switching styles and weapons quickly is no easy tasks.

V plays radically different from both Nero and Dante. Unlike those 2 V has limited movement and less health, instead, relying on demon familiars to attack on his behalf. V can summon 3 familiars that include a bird named Griffon for projectiles, Shadow the panther for close range melee attacks, and a beast known as Nightmare that is only accessible through Devil Trigger.

Don’t think you can just throw your demons into battle without care as V. The familiars cannot kill demons and are used to weaken the enemies to which V can use his cane to deal the final blow. In addition, the demons are not immortal and can be defeated; if put into this state called Stalemate V must remain close to revive them. V can also recover health for his allies by remaining close but due to his lack of speed and health remaining close always comes with risk.

This can become vexing since you are relying on AI controlled attacks. You do have some degree of control but its nothing like having direct control of your character. But the developers have put in the time to ensure that vexation is kept to a minimum. Eventually, you do get used to V’s combat style.

Movement has been changed for a more realistic system. The characters all move with a degree of momentum, even when dodging. You can still roll and leap into the air but players are instead encouraged to evade by dodging while counter-attack. This creates a more cinematic experience without sacrificing control.

The devil trigger mechanic has been altered slightly and might annoy most players. Before, this move would provide incredible boost to damage and defense while regenerating health. While this mode still increases the users damage it doesn’t deliver the same amount of health or defense. With demons able to knock players to their feet while in this mode.

If you’re looking for an added challenge after the 8-hour campaign there are secret missions that provide different handicaps and more difficult options. In addition, while story DLC has been confirmed to not be in development Capcom has promised to deliver the challenge tower known as Bloody Palace in a future update.

Buy Revives?

As always you collect a variety of orbs to boost your health, devil trigger, and experience. Red orbs are used as currency to purchase new upgrades, which are separate between all 3 characters, but strangely Capcom has included the ability to buy red orbs.

You can easily earn enough to get the necessary upgrades, especially if you plan to continue playing in the harder difficulties. Strangely you can use red orbs to revive yourself immediately that increases in price with each revive. You can collect gold orbs that instantly revive you by using the currency to revive yourself, that’s just wrong.

It can also be vexing to purchase the same abilities over and over again. Certain abilities such as the speed boost outside combat should be a passive for all the characters.

Rocking Out

Devil May Cry has an incredible legacy of having fantastic original tracks and Devil May Cry V does the same. With a wide array of musical scores to complement the incredible boss fights to the emotionally charged moments.

The outstanding voice acting and how the blade hit the flesh of your demonic enemies just adds more cheese to this already beautiful pizza.

Another Masterpiece

Devil May Cry V is a joy to play from start to finish. Rarely is there a hiccup in the action or narrative, with the player constantly being propelled closer to their goal. The ability to purchase red orbs can be vexing but this is an easily ignorable issue. After the first playthrough, you’ll want to hop back in for another round.

Devil May Cry V Review
  • Phenomenal Gameplay
  • Excellent Characters
  • High-Quality Sound Design and Graphics
  • Purchasable Red Orbs
9Overall Score
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