Urizen is the cause of everything that’s happening in Devil May Cry V and now its time for revenge. Nero wants his arm back and now it’s his chance.

Urizen is remarkably strong and has a lot of different attacks for every situation. Play defensively and don’t focus on attacks. Always avoid damage first, then attack.

Urizen’s attacks include a series of lasers that bury into the ground, a high powerful ground-like laser that shoots in a horizontal motion, a meteor that shoots directly at you, the time bubble Geryon had, and finally a close-range spike from his crystal.

Most of these attacks can be avoided by jumping at the right moment. The primary target is the red crystal blocking your way, attack it using whatever means. When it’s about to break into spikes it’ll stop moving to expand before contracting than expand again to attack. 

When a charged exceed attack does a lot of damage keep using your charged Blue Rose. This will do a lot of damage if fully upgraded and best for moving while attacking. Staying on the ground is unwise, especially when close to Urizen. Remember to play defensively and the cutscene should play.

Qliphoth Roots
Geryon Knight
Urizen First Battle
Cavaliere Angelo
Urizen Second Battle
King Cerberus
Awaken Urizen
Final Boss

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