Those who had trouble with Cerberus in Devil May Cry 3 are about to face his older brother, who happens to be the strongest of the pack. Here’s how to defeat King Cerberus.

King Cerberus doesn’t change his attack patterns throughout but that also means you’re dealing with powerful attacks all the time. King Cerberus is gifted with 3 heads sporting a different element; fire, electric, and ice. None of the heads can be cut off like in DMC3 and they swap in random orders.

Ice changes the landscape and Cerberus can summon ice stalagmites from the ceiling but lacks melee. Fire is a close-range fighter with powerful melee attacks but lacks range. And electric can use tracking orbs. Each transformation causes a massive AOE blast before the change but you can see it happening, with Cerberus slowing charging the change and what head is taking over.

For electric, use Trickster to avoid the orbs and put in a few good hits. When in ice use gunslinger to cause long-range damage while avoiding ice. And in fire swordmaster is the best option while you evade his close range attacks. 

Cerberus is powerful but not undefeatable. Change your tactics with each head, avoiding the blast, and take it slow.

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