Devil May Cry 5’s Goliath is the first real boss, but not a large threat if you know what you are doing. Here as to kill the egotistic beast.

Goliath has 3 phases, the first is a straight battle of avoiding his fists and attacking. Just leap into the air and attack, when enough damage has been done he’ll collaspe the roof.

Goliath will open up swinging a piece of the Chruch’s beams at you during this stage of the fight. As before, leap and attack to avoid damage. When the Chruch walls fall and he starts using his second mouth to absorb energy, leave the area or you’ll take a lot of damage.

The third phase is where the real fight begins. Goliath will start panicking and using an AOE attack by charging up energy and hurling flaming pieces of junk at you by consuming it. Both at telegraphed easily, just watch for him tucking his arms into his chest for the AOE burst and eating junk for his throw attack. If needed, you find devil breakers around the area and remember to use their charged setting. If you have the buster arm you can hurl the Goliath into the fountain if you stun him by doing enough damage. Keep up the assault and he should fall.

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Geryon Knight
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Cavaliere Angelo
Urizen Second Battle
King Cerberus
Awaken Urizen
Final Boss´╗┐

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