Some mission in Devil May Cry V will only feature boss fights, the battle with Gilgamesh is the first. Here’s how to defeat it.

Gilgamesh is a pretty easy fight, if know what to do. Attack the beast’s exposed weak points on its legs to cause it to fall down. You can use the devil bringer to push you towards the weak point by locking on. Gilgamesh’s major attacks include a laser that shines before it shoots and slamming the ground with its legs. Once down, attack the exposed weak point to deal damage. When enough damage is done it’ll put the shield back on, don’t stay on its back or it’ll use its spikes to force you off.

Continue to attack its legs and get Gilgamesh to force its way down, eventually, you’ll trigger the cutscene involving V. After that, Gilgamesh will start using a spiked flying top along with his laser attacks. You can use the tops to reach the exposed body faster if you want that S rank. Keep up attacking its legs and than the weak point, eventually, Gilgamesh will die.

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