Your entire journey has been leading up to this battle however Nero is not having this. Learning that he has a family Nero, who feels he failed his friend and brother Credo, doesn’t want the same thing to happen with his Uncle Dante and his father Vergil. Now, awakening his true demon powers decides to end the battle through violence. Here’s how you defeat Nero’s dad.

Fortunately, you’re supercharged and Vergil has been weakened. Your goal is to charge your DT as much as possible using whatever means, this includes using the Red Queen or charged Blue Rose shots. Both are effective and like before you can attack Vergil after he charges.

When Vergil staggers, use your devil bringer to trigger the animation to start the next part of the fight. Vergil will use his own DT, avoid him until your DT is up and attack. You can cause damage and when you do enough he’ll use the doppelganger ability. Use the Blue Rose to take out the double quickly and continue your assault on Vergil until you stagger him again for another beat down.

After the second beat down go all out to take down Vergil.

Qliphoth Roots
Geryon Knight
Urizen First Battle
Cavaliere Angelo
Urizen Second Battle
King Cerberus
Awaken Urizen
Final Boss´╗┐

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