V has a lot of enemies in the demon world and the second boss he’ll encounter will make Nidhogg look like nothing. Here’s how to defeat Elder Geryon Knight.

Elder Geryon Knight is a major melee fighter but is the first to use the time bubbles that many others will also use. The first phase of the first is easy enough, stay in mid-range so that
Elder Geryon Knight doesn’t shoot lighting at you but enough to stay out of range. He’ll occasionally charge but simply use Griffon to dodge.

The second phase is a bit harder, with Elder Geryon Knight now teleporting around the stage and using those time bubbles to trap you. He’ll also use a shockwave which requires time to charge up, at that moment call your familiars back especially Shadow. Just stop the attack and they’ll come back.

Unlike Nero and Dante, V is meant to use his devil trigger at a rapid rate. Use it when you need that extra damage or to charge Shadow of Griffon for extra damage and the knight should fall.

Qliphoth Roots
Geryon Knight
Urizen First Battle
Cavaliere Angelo
Urizen Second Battle
King Cerberus
Awaken Urizen
Final Boss

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