One of the best battles in Devil May Cry 5 are the 1v1 sword battles, and the one against Cavaliere Angelo is a good one. Here’s how to beat him.

Cavaliere Angelo is a close-range melee fighter with a few ranged attacks. The battle with begin with the Angelo focusing on basic melee attacks and defending using his wing. The key is to dodge, either with evading or jumping, before counter-attacking. If you feel confident enough you can parry using Royal Guard or your sword with a precise attack, causing Angelo to lose balance. If you have excesses devil trigger you can pierce its shield using the stinger attack.

When enough damage is done Angelo will teleport away and either start charging an AOE close-range electric attack, shoot tracking slow electric orbs, or summon lightning. These can be avoided by distancing yourself from the Angelo or by using Trickster to generate DT.

During the final 1/3 of the fight, Angelo will start attacking violently with more speed. He’ll have a short counterattack that the trigger if you do enough damage. Just watch for Angelo for the thrusting motion to avoid this. Use devil trigger efficiently and keep up the counter-attack, eventually, the Angelo will fall.

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