Devil May Cry V’s Artmeis may be blind but she’s a formitable boss. Here’s how to defeat the demon.

Artemis relies on ranged attacks and attempt to keep you at a distance, teleporting around. Use your devil bringer to close the gap and attack rapidly. She can use a vertical and horizontal beam of light, but these are easily avoided give their speed.

The second phase will have Artemis shooting out drones. Your goal is to take them out or they’ll just keep attack, charge up your Blue Rose for major damage. If they happen to shoot energy, use your devil bringer to grab the drone to fly through the circle.

During the third phase Artemis will start attempting to ram you, you can jump over this but her major attack is when she flies into the air. You must take her down, grab the drones and get up there to inflict major damage and stun her. If you do stun her you can use the buster arm for a unique attack.

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