Season passes and premium purchases have become common among AAA games but sometimes publishers go a bit far. In Dead or Alive 6’s case the first season will cost users $93!

The season pass only includes season 1 and includes two fighters from The King of Fighters XIV from the SNK universe. One of the characters is currently not revealed, but the one confirmed character is Mai Shiranui. The season pass also includes 62 costumes.

Dead or Alive 6 Happy Wedding Costumes Vol. 1 (13 costumes) and 2 (13 costumes)

Dead or Alive 6 New Costumes set Vol. 1 (13 costumes) and 2 (13 costumes)

Additional character costumes for the two SNK fighters

Bonus costumes for NiCO and Nyotengu.

The season 1 content will be available between March and June, with 2 Happy Wedding Costume packs landing this month. April will introduce the New Costumes in Vol. 1, May will include Vol. 2 and June the launch of The King of Fighters XIV content.

For a season pass, this is unreasonably high. It’s also not taking into account that Dead or Alive 5’s complete set of DLC will cost more than $200. Much more than the game itself.

Dead or Alive 6 is now available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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