DayZ has been a long time coming, with one of the longest early access titles in development. After releasing on PC back in December 2018 the game is finally officially coming to Xbox One this March 27th followed by PS4 later this year.

To celebrate, a new cinematic trailer, seen above, was released that showcases the bleak setting of survivors attempting to live off the remains of a destroyed world. Killing others for their supplies and taking what they can.

DayZ started its life as a popular mod for the open-world tactical shooter ARMA 2 and from there.

Some of the key features you will experience in DayZ is as follows:

Detailed, authentic backdrop of Chernarus, an open world terrain featuring 230 square kilometres of hand-crafted environment based on real-life locations

Real emotional experience driven by the emergent interactions of 60 players on the server, all fighting for survival by any means necessary

Environmental dangers including the infected, dynamic weather, and animal predators

Wide variety of complex survival mechanics – from hunting and crafting, through sophisticated injury simulation, to transferable diseases

Persistent servers with complex loot economy, and the ability to build improvised bases

Visceral, authentic gunplay and melee combat systems

Smooth and reactive character controller utilizing a detailed animation system

DayZ will be available on Xbox One on March 27 with a price of $49.99 and later this year for PS4. It’s now available for PC.

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