Legacy of the First Blade has had its ups and downs, with episode 3 Bloodline attempting to wrap up this story with a bang. While the ending does offer a solid conclusion to Darius’ tale the same issues that plagued the previous episodes hold back the expansion.

No, really? That happened? What a shocker!

Legacy of the First Blade Episode 3: Bloodline has players taking control of Alexios/Kassandra as they attempt to adapt to the life of a parent. However, as predicted, this lifestyle comes crashing down when the Order of the Ancients, unpleased by your actions, decides to kill your partner and kidnap your child. What begins is a short and mediocre adventure to save your child.

The story does offer some highs, but only for fans of the franchise. Those who dived in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey without prior knowledge of the series will feel lost when the ending starts paying.

Didn’t I already come here?

Much of Bloodlines missions focus on the same objectives of previous episodes and the core game. You’ll kill targets and obtain key items while hunting down Order members similarly to the Cult. The primary issue being the lack of varied environments since you’ll explore the same areas players were already exposed to in the main campaign.

You do gain access to a powerful legendary blade at the end which will aid players invested into the live service model. However, for many, these rewards will go unused as the primary threats are already gone. This weapon would’ve been helpful against the challenging bosses you encounter, which are the highlight of the entire campaign.

What just happened?

Legacy of the First Blade Episode 3: Bloodline serves as a connection and fortifies Alexios/Kassandra’s heritage to the larger universe. In that regard, it’ll appear to fans of the series who want to know how their family fits into the franchise’s key characters. However, for everyone else it’s a pass.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Legacy of the First Blade Episode 3: Bloodline Review
  • Solid Conclusion
  • Powerful End-Game Weapon
  • Gear Boss Fights
  • Lots of Repetition
  • No Unique Environments
5.5Overall Score
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